There are a number of trace elements that until recently were only considered to be laboratory curiosities but which have now become essential components in a variety of applications ranging from information and communication technologies, semiconductors, electronic displays and optic/photonic and ‘green energy’ related technologies. Their current strategic importance is such that these elements have now been labeled as ‘energy-critical elements’ or ‘technology-critical elements’ (TCEs) and initiatives at national levels are underway to secure their availability in the coming years.

NOTICE, a EU COST action focuses on the study of TCEs was launched. Its objective is the creation of a network of scientists working and interested on TCEs, ranging from an environmental perspective to potential human health threats. The network will define the current state of knowledge and gaps, propose priority research lines/activities, and act as a platform for new collaborations and joint research projects. At present, 22 countries participates in the action.

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