IUPAC PROJECT: Humic-Metal Binding Constants Database

Since no systematic compilation of published data exists, we have undertaken the gathering of data published over the past 40 years. Our long term aim is the critical analysis and the interpretation of all data published for complexation of trace elements with NOM in natural water systems with the objective of providing a robust framework for further research. The first step is the object of this IUPAC project: the development of a comprehensive database of published values for humic substances. At present, some of such information is difficult to access because it has been published in journals or reports not readily available. For this reason, the initial part of the project will be devoted to the collection of all available data. A call is made to any scientist willing to collaborate to send me copies of articles and reports containing data on binding of trace elements by humic substances.

If interested in the project, you will find more information at: Chemistry International note

A list of missing publications, that we know exist but that we do not have, follows. If you have access to any of them, please send us a copy. This list will be periodically updated following the advancement of our work.

The list is empty for the moment.