In September 2006 I created a non-profit organisation in Luxembourg, country where I live, called SCHEMA. SCHEMA stands for "Schemi an Ëmwelt Atelier". Because I am only paid part-time in Geneva (now 12.5% of a full-position), my idea was to be able to develop funded research on environmental chemistry in Luxembourg. Time proved this a (stupid?) dream and only participation in scientific popularisation activities under this umbrella has been possible.

For some time, I have used SCHEMA as an affiliation in articles because the work described had mostly been developed "at home" and without any economic support from "my university". On the other hand, "my university" (the University of Geneva) has always generously provided my main affiliation and, with it, the possibility of "existing" in science. In a way, it can be considered as some kind of win-win situation that covers my weird situation as a scientific outlier.

However, this double affiliation has also created some confusion in people that often ask me "where are you now?" and/or assume that I am earning a lot of money in Luxembourg... It is for this reason that I add this explanation to my research webpage.

I keep my research webpage in SCHEMA because I continue to work "at home", even if less often now, and because I adapt badly to the constraints of the official webpage in Geneva.

So, you can find me either at:

Department F.-A. Forel
University of Geneva
Boulevard Carl-Vogt 66
CH-1205 Geneva

e-mail: montserrat [dot] filella [at] unige [dot] ch

and/or at:

SCHEMA a.s.b.l.
Rue Principale, 92
L-6990 Rameldange