SCHEMA is about:
  • understanding the physico-chemical processes regulating the behaviour of chemical components in environmental and biological compartments
  • understanding and helping you to understand how our environment works
  • providing a forum for scientific discussion
  • promoting chemistry and environmental chemistry in Luxembourg
  • discussing about pseudo-science
  • ....and much more
The quotation of the week

 "Science is the application of common sense to an uncommon degree".
(D. Kirk Nordstrom, Models, validation, and applied geochemistry: Issues in science, communication, and philosophy. Applied Geochemistry, 27, 1899–1919, 2012)

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SCHEMA and science popularisation

"Duuschtereg fir Chemie" Science Festival 2013, Luxembourg (7-10 November 2013)


Past activities

NOM acronyms

  I am compiling all acronyms (and their meanings) used in the domain of natural organic matter studies. A first list has just been published in ENVIRON CHEM LETTERS and is available in this webpage. I invite all workers in the field to help me to complete it. Thanks in advance.

Interested in NOM binding?

Follow the blog "Binding NOM", where new publications on trace metal - NOM binding will be spotted and referenced. It belongs to a test on online collaboration. See a description in a communication presented at the IHSS 14.

SCHEMA publications: science "made in Luxembourg"

M. Filella, V. Chanudet, S. Philippo and F. Quentel (2009) Particle size and mineralogical composition of inorganic colloids in draining waters of the adit of an abandoned mine, Goesdorf, Luxembourg. ORG.GEOCHEM., 24, 52-61; doi:10.1016/j.apgeochem.2008.11.010.

M Filella (2009) Freshwaters: which NOM matters? ENVIRON. CHEM. LETTERS (2009) 7, 21-35;

M. Filella, S. Philippo, N. Belzile, Y.-W. Chen and F. Quentel (2009) Natural attenuation processes applying to antimony: a study in the abandoned antimony mine in Goesdorf, Luxembourg. SCI. TOTAL ENVIRON., 407, 6205-6216; doi:10.1016/j.scitotenv.2009.08.027.

frog in the adit minerals Goesdorf

M. Filella, P.A. Williams and N. Belzile (2009) Antimony in the environment: knowns and unknowns. ENVIRON. CHEM., 6, 95-105; doi:10.1071/EN09007. Accessory publication.

A. Porquet and M. Filella (2008) Conformational study of the 1,2,3-propanetriol (glycerol) in the channel of the aquaglyceroporin GlpF. THEOCHEM, 850, 21-31;  10.1016/j.theochem.2007.10.021.

M. Filella (2008) NOM site binding heterogeneity in natural waters: discrete approaches. JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR LIQUIDS, 143, 42-51;

F. Quentel and M. Filella (2008) Quantification of refractory organic substances in freshwaters: further insight into the response of the voltammetric method. ANAL. BIOANAL. CHEM., 392, 1225-1230;

A. Porquet and M. Filella (2007) Structural evidence of the similarity of Sb(OH)3 and As(OH)3with glycerol: Implications for their uptake. CHEM. RES. TOXICOL., 20, 1269-1276; 10.1021/tx700110m.